It’s officially – THE GAME IS ON

At this point of the game you are, or we hope you are, all familiar with our Strategic Partnership “WINS – Winning in Non Formal Education and Sports”, financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union . What you don’t know is that we have officially welcomed our amazing participants to this “championship” with the first content of our online training.

Last Saturday, 20th of November, we, together with the 30 participants from Spain, Italy and Portugal, all met for 1h30min webinar to allow us to meet each other. On this first step, we introduced the people from each organization that will be accompanying the participants during the WINS journey, we presented the organizations, and the project and the contents they will be able to learn during this mixed training.

Besides all that we managed to get the participants in touch with each other in small groups to allow them to break the ice and, this way, prepare them for the presencial part of the training that will take place in Portugal and Spain. The overall feedback from this “first contact” was super positive and we, has the “people behind the camera” are super happy and hopeful about what a successful group we managed to build.

Let’s wait for the next movements and the check if the score will be in our favor! The best players we already have 😉

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