There is less than 1 month left to start the international training. Today we are going to see what content we offer at WINS. Each organization with its extensive experience in the education and sport sector will be in charge of showing a wide variety of learning methodologies and techniques from different perspectives and methods.

Club Korfbal Badalona:

The Club korfbal Badalona is a sports club in Badalona that practices the mixed sport of Dutch origin called Korfbal.
The korfbal is a sport that has equality of gender and opportunities as its flags, since the rules of the sport stipulate that the sport must be mixed and it does not matter your size or physique with other skills you can practice it.

As Badalona is a large city, and the club is in neighborhoods with a high level of social exclusion, it is very important to highlight the effort made by the club to create a space where people of different cultures and ethnicities can share a place to work on their values. personal and sports.

  • Contents they manage:
    ● Gender equality in sport: Can there be a competitive sport with people of different genders?
    ● The cultural diversity in the sport. Can people from different backgrounds play together?

Aventura Marão Clube:

Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a Portuguese no profit association created in 1993 by a group of young people of Amarante (actually AMC has more than 400 members). The main objective is to promote a healthy way of life among the population (especially Youth) and nowadays runs three different sections:

Mountain Bikes, Canoeing and Fair Trade.
Our activities are adapted to the identified needs and to the policies and priorities that define the context in which we work. Anyway, our strategic pillars give coherence and support to our work:
a) Healthy lifestyles (food and sport);
b) Sustainable development (in the fields of organic farming, local consumption and fair trade);
c) Volunteering and Human Rights Education;
d) Innovation and Creativity;
e) Intercultural dialogue, mainly with partners from out of Europe: Africa and Caucasus.

  • Contents they manage:
    ● The diversity in the Sport
    ● How to create a physical activity or a comunitary project.

Associació la Rotllana:

We are a non-profit association located in the city of Badalona since 1989. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the community through non-formal education projects.
Our work has a special impact in the northern area of Badalona where we act to prevent situations of social exclusion and offer opportunities to children and young people. Our projects are of local impact but linked
to European and International activities and programs. With social projects in the field of sports, culture and cooperation.

  • Contents they manage:
    ● Values in Sport and Non formal Education: Is it to win everything that is worth when we do
    ● Growing up the team through sport: The importance of believing in values and respecting the


  • InformaGiovani is a non-profit organization active since 2001 in the field of youth promoting the right to information, local and international volunteering activities and youth mobility with a special focus to young people with fewer opportunities.
    The organization regularly hosts / sends volunteers for volunteering projects acting also as coordinating
    organization for Erasmus + / ESC projects.InformaGiovani runs voluntary workcamps at local level for promoting tolerance, diversity and cultural understanding.
    Since 2014, InformaGiovani coordinates the EU-informal network supported by Erasmus +, which count nowadays 16 organizations in 14 European countries.

Contents they manage:
● Non formal education & Sport.
● Growing up the groups/Methodology.

As you can see, there are many topics to talk about and learn. And many more things that you will discover!

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