Transnational Meeting of the Strategic Partnership “WINS”

This week La Rotllana, Aventura Amarao Clube, InformaGiovani and Badalona Korfbal Club, were present in Palermo, Italy, at the initial strategic meeting of the European project “WINS”: Wining in Non Formal Education and Sports.

The aim of this meeting was to continue preparing the international training that will begin in November with a webinar and will continue in an online stage but having also the opportunity to have two face-to-face trainings in Amarante, Portugal and Badalona.

The project connects different social and work sectors through sport. Aventura Amarao Clube provides an integrative view of the sport, using adventure sports in the mountains with people with functional diversity, providing a conciliatory space and where they can feel comfortable and acquire healthy habits.

InformaGiovani with his years of experience in the international volunteering sector, gives a constructive vision to young people, as well as the importance of always contributing an altruistic hand to the world.

Badalona Korfbal Club, with more than 30 years of existence, uses korfbal, a mixed and peculiar sport, to provide young people in the city of Badalona with a sport where they can improve their gender perspective and feel comfortable in a safe space and no level distinction.

La Rotllana Association, coordinator of this project, provides its more than 30 years of socio-community action in a city with social difficulties such as Badalona, ​​to unite all the contributions of the entities mentioned.

Sport and education can go hand in hand. This is the goal of the project. Borders can be destroyed and joined through bridges, in which case the bridge is the sport.

The project is already starting, join us !!!! +