WINS- Winning in non-formal education & sports

        WINS comes from the idea of increase the cooperation among 4 organizations, with in common the objectives to improve the quality of life of their communities, work for social inclusion and live a new experience of learning through international dimension and teamwork.

All the organizations had the chance to work together and cooperate in several projects, as youth exchanges, job-shadowing, international volunteering, and decided to create a “Small Collaborative Partnership” under the umbrella and support of Erasmus + Sport program. Partners are:

–   Informagiovani, from Italy, founded in 2001 on the initiative of a group of volunteers, today it is the coordinating body of a European network for social volunteering, offering opportunities regarding work, study and training for young people and for those who work with young people.

–   Aventura Marao Clube, from Portugal, between the different projects, is responsible for managing and promoting a youth center, through which promote the mobility and international participation of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, in the Youth policies and programs existing in Portugal and in Europe;

–   Club Korfbal Badalona, from Spain, with the purpose to help teenagers and young people through the practice of korfball, as a tool to teach participants due to its regulations (mixed sport, requires cooperation, does not tolerate any violence and gives equal opportunities)

–   La Rotllana, since 1989 work to prevent social exclusion and to provide opportunities for children and youth. With social projects in the field of sports, culture and cooperation, La Rotllana has a strong base at local level , but with strong international dimension.

  Each participating organization will contribute experts in the field, their social base to participate in the training, and their local environments to be empowered by sports activities. During the project, specialist from each organisation will ensure specific workshops related to their field of expertise, for example:

  • Aventura Marao Clube will share their experience working with disabled people, healthy habits and sport in contact with nature; 
  • Informagiovani will coordinate the virtual campus and share the experience working with refugees and intercultural context, 
  • La Rotllana will contribute its experience in social inclusion through sport, introduce methodologies like “Learning for Service”, 3C and Football 3 methods, Ultimate frisbee and orienting, 
  • Ck Badalona, will advise on how to promote sport for all, starting from childhood, based on values such as cooperation, gender equality and non-violence, etc..

WINS has 2 different stages of work:

  • On one side is the opportunity for the 4 organizations to work together, exchange good practices, learn one from the others, coordinate an ‘e-learning process’- taking care of the contents and the learning of participants- and create new international projects.
  • On the other, offer to each organizations’ participants a long term training to increase social inclusion through sports. Training will be divided between ‘e-learning process’, 2 presential training in Portugal and Spain, and to give back to communities what they received, through the organization of some local activities connected with what they learnt.

          Coordination among the partners will be realized online and with presential meetings, as an opportunity to  visit the organizations and their local communities.

During the meetings will be defined the contents, methodology, and actions to promote the project, to reach as many participants as possible, and give good visibility to the activities, their results and the program E+. 

In a moment where our international projects are frozen until the Healthy Emergency will change, it’s a pleasure to announce that we are still working in this field, and to share with you the great motivation of the four organizations and the commitment to carry out an initiative that will contribute to change the socio-labor itinerary of many young people to positive, while offering opportunities from non-formal education to hundreds of children, adolescents and young people. 

For sure those are WINS!