FIT FOR KIDS – A community Project to fight child obesity

The Fit For Kids Project was founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, and taken to Portugal, in 2018 by
Aventura Marão Clube, through a Strategic Partnership financed by Erasmus+. The big goal of the
program is to combat the childhood obesity and improve the quality of lives and health of
overweight, obese and inactive children and teenagers. It was created by a team of nutritionists,
sports instructors, psychologists and pedagogists, and provides support for launching courses
dedicated to children between the age of 7 and 13 who experience and showcase discomfort caused
by the lack of physical exercise, or being overweight and inactive. The courses are held by volunteer
instructors and they are structured in two weekly meetings during which children perform specific
recreational-motor activities and families receive nutritional guidance and instructions aimed at a
healthy lifestyle.
The FitforKids Program is a community based multi-component lifestyle intervention aimed at
increasing the overall health of the family as well as reducing BMI and body fat of the children.

The FitforKids program consists of four elements: Nutritional advice, Physical training for both
children and parents, a Motivational Program and Social Events.
FitforKids is completely free for the families. 
NUTRITIONAL ADVICE SESSION: We offer nutritional advice sessions to all FitforKids families. The
Nutrional Advice Sessions are performed at the families’ homes by two FitforKids Nutritional Advice
Experts. All FitforKids Nutritional Advice follow the guidelines of the Danish Health Authority,
however our ability to communicate these in an easily relatable and understandable way to our
target group is a core competence of the FitforKids Nutritional Advice Experts.
PHYSICAL EXERCISE: FitforKids offers two training sessions per week: One hour training for children
only on a weekday afternoon after school; and 1½ hours training session including weighing on
Saturday mornings, where at least one parent is required to participate and siblings are welcome.
Usually all trainings take place in the local school gym-hall or in a local fitness center. The FitforKids
training program is a mix of crossfit, aerobics and classical school yard games.
MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAM: FitforKids Instructors are trained in creating fun and effective exercise
classes and to establish a safe space for children to learn about the abilities of their bodies and
experience the joy of exercising. With workshops, emails, weekly text messages and books, we are
dedicated to give children a positive vision of themselves, their life and potentials.
SOCIAL EVENTS: As part of the FitforKids program, we arrange excursions, visits to parks or jogging,
or we may invite our FitforKids families to a seminar or a cozy afternoon visit to a FitforKids team in
another city.
If you want to find out more about the FitforKids project don’t hesitate to check the website –