Adidas Breaking Barriers Program

Since February 2021, some members of the association La Rotllana have the pleasure to join the Adidas Breaking Barrieres Program. The main objective of this programe is to increase women participation in all sports and to give them the right tools to be who they want to be with confidence in their game, life, world. To fulfill this objetive Adidas, streetfootballworld, Women Win and Soccer Without Borders are supporting 3 non-profit organizations around Europe: Street League (UK), Game (Denmark) and La Rotllana (Spain). From each organization there were selected 5 young female coaches per organization.

This project came out because of the lack of female representation at all levels (leadership, coaching, program participation); the lack of expertise regarding gender inclusive programes, as well as a lack of understanding and awareness with regards to gender inclusion; disconnect between policy and practice. 

As a member of the champions teams we are learning useful information to implement into the field and identifying the different kind of difficulties and inequalities that our team could have and the best way to prevent them. Also, one of the interesting things is that they are giving us the opportunity to meet female sport figures and asking them how they overcame different kind of difficult as a women on the field.

To conclude this article, I would like remark the importance of creating spaces like this where women and men are learning about how the gender inequality it can exist in even small situations and are affecting the life of many people around the world. The first step is to learn and identify to do a work of prevention and improve the quality of life of people in our communities.