On July 3, the commemorative tournament of the 30 years of the creation of the Korfbal Badalona Club was held. The event, which was attended by four teams, was carried out in three large blocks. During the morning, the qualifying matches were played, while in the afternoon block the semi-finals, the match for third and fourth place and the final were held. Once the sports section was finished, a dinner was organized in which the four teams participated in an atmosphere of celebration and friendship.

But in this article, we want to explain some aspects of the tournament organization process. It should be noted that the tournament was organized by players from the current club squad. These athletes did not participate in the competition because they had to take care of all the organizational aspects, which is very remarkable. That young boys and girls, full of energy and desire to play, assume an organizational role and renounce the most attractive part of the activity, such as competition. It means that they have understood and assimilated the philosophy of the club. This philosophy could be roughly summarized with three words: give, receive and share. Being aware of everything they have received from the club over several years, and everything shared throughout them, the group reached the degree of awareness and maturity that made them want to GIVE, in the same way as in many other occasions have received.

With this awareness, the most important participants in the group of male and female players assumed the entire organization of the activity. The process was a challenge for the group, since it was the first time that they had organized an event of this magnitude without a coordinating figure with experience in this type of activity. This fact caused some mistakes to be made, many doubts arose, a lot of unnecessary time was spent organizing some aspects, etc. But all these obstacles, and the fact of finding a way to overcome them, has been a benefit for the whole group: learning. Now, the group knows what it is like to organize an international event, with teams from various countries and cities. In this tournament, the group decided that the team representing the club would be one made up of veteran players, active and retired, as a way of thanking all that these people gave to the club in their day. Perhaps in a few years, it will be a future group that will do the same with the organizers of this year. If it does happen, the club’s legacy will be valuable, and the GIVE, RECEIVE and SHARE philosophy will continue to help more young people in the future.