Our partner from Portugal, Aventura Marão Clube, organized, during the month of July, an International Work Camp – “Stage on the Street: All Included!”, with the aim of supporting the local disabled centerCERCIMARANTE, organizing and implementing a street theatre where the clients are the stars. For 15 days, youngsters from all over the world gathered in the small town of Amarante, to create sceneries, prepare clothes, rehearse the characters and basically organize a full shown from the beginning till the end. They were directors, actors, sound and light workers, they were almost everything you can imagine and see in a play. It might seem that these people were doing small things but, for the disabled center, this is the moment of the year. It’s the day were the clients shine, were they smile the most and were they show the city and the world that they can do it! That they are capable of going beyond their limits, to challenge themselves and that they are way more than just disabled people. 

Usually, the all show is presented in the city center of Amarante with thousands of people watching. This year, due to covid-19, the show was done with only a few people watching and with online streaming, you can see it in the link – The clients prepared a theatre based on the movie “Grease” and the volunteers on the “Inside Out”, with the goal of showing everybody that it is really important knowing and learning how to deal with the various emotions we have, being them happiness, sadness or even anger. 

With this article, we intend to tell you and show you that it is possible to help and being helped by people with disabilities and that there lots of opportunities out there for you to work with them.

Go for it, don’t be afraid! You will be surprises!