The Sportive experience of Josep, a WINS participant..

Hi! My name is Josep. I participate in WINS project. I’m from Badalona, there I am playing Korfbal with Club Korfbal Badalona. This year I started a new project in La Rotllana and it’s related to the WINS. My work is to give activities to the students of a high school for the afternoon, after they finish school.

Since September 2021 I’ve been in Institut Pau Casals in Badalona. This activities could be anything (if is possible) the students chooses what they do. If they want one extraescolar of manga they have it. But it can be all kinds of activities, for example, in Institut Pau Casals have more participates in the sports. Football, basketball, Ping pong and
Korfbal are the most exit sport activities. In that activity I have the opportunity to train these kids. The real goal of all this activity is educating and teaching good values for the kids, like healthy habits, respect with the rival, respect with your teammates, respect with the referee and respect with themselves. Is an opportunity for them to don´t spend their time in the streets or at home not doing anything. A part of this they can learn a new activity,have fun and learn some good values for their present and future.