Within the framework of the Erasmus+ Sport project, 35 partners and participants from 3 European countries: Portugal, Italy, Spain arrived in Amarante Portugal, to hold an face to face meeting. Various sports and non-formal education activities were organized for the participants during the week.

•On the 1st day Portuguese team presented the place, staff, the program and the activities for the week. Through group activities, the participants got to know each other. They discover Amarante, the places and culture and the history of the city with a collaborative game.

•On the 2nd day was full of sports and cultural events. The morning started with joint mobility. Then, it continued by sharing good practices and by putting in to action what we learnt with team work games activities organized by Italian colleagues. The second part of the day continued in the sports complex(Pavilhão Desportivo Municipal). We had a special guest Mr. Jorge Alves from International Korfball Federation. Mr. Alves and Club Korfball Badalona with Guillem was organized a cognitive and educational meeting, where the history of Korfball and the preconditions for its development were presented. Then the participants got acquainted with the game, its rules and difficulties and had the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

•On the 3rd day WINS’ participants had a canoeing on the river with Aventura Marão Clube-Canoagem, and they played Boccia with Cercimarante. Then Spanish colleagues presented 2 good practice from La Rotllana association Iligadefutbollarotllana and springcamp4girls. And they put in 2 practice the Theater of the oppressed. We had a International cultural evening, and all participants presented national culture and meals.

•On the 4th day we had a cultural visit to Portó city.

•On the 5th day, the representatives of the participating countries organized and implemented a number of inclusive sports activities. Then the participants evaluated and presented the result of 5 days and the day was summed up with 5 days of video watching and the participants were handed certificates of participation.

Feedback from Portugal team –João Bernardo Costa

– The training camp WINS “Amarante Edition” was a trully fantastic experience. Throughout the week, every participant got the oportunity to take part on multiple activities that touched a wide variety of topic (such as inclusion in sports, good practices, how to create a community sport, etc.), to meet new amazing people and create wonderful memories. Much of the knowledge gained from this experience was completely new to most of us, like playing sports with physically challenged people or experiencing walking around a city blindfolded, wich made this program so enrieching to each one of us. I believe, even though the majority of us had some fears or doubts about the whole experience (as discussed in one of the activities), everyone made their best effort to participate in the activities and be in a good mood, even with the serious lack of sleep, and the whole week ended up being an enjoiable experience to everybody.

Feedback from Portugal team –Margarida Faísca

-So, I think the project we did was amazing! The energizers, the people, the fact that we could worked with People with disabilities and learn about some new concepts about inclusive sport in a way that after we put in a practical way. I would say that maybe a improvement would be to have more sports to do. As in september we already know everyone maybe we could invest in an even more practical way to do the things that we are learning!

Feedback from Italy –Alice Stella

-The week in Amarante was amazing! Full of sport, new friendships and learning about inclusivity. I really enjoy all the activities, but especially the last day when we put in to practice what we prepared as social and inclusive sports. Seven days were ok, but maybe 2 more would be better to underline some new concept or to play more inclusive sports. The program and the activities were really interesting and enriched me. I’m really happy for this week!

Feedback from Italy –Michele Brancaccio

-Never stop to dream, know new peoples, travel and make new connections with others… And never stop to learn from the others for all lifetime, we can be better every day if we can listen and if we try to understand the stories of the others. I learn new things and I have new ideas for my job and city and all of this is your merit!

Feedback from Spain- Josep Salvat Rodríguez

-So it was a good point to learn from the participants, new inclusive sports and the experience of the participants is also interesant. I would improve 1 or 2 days more or add one step more, like trip to Italy.

Feedback from Spain –Chaymae Elouahi

-Well I loved that there was a lot of different activities, that each day we got to do something different, I loved that the group got well with each other very quickly, and had a lot of fun. I though that it was going to be very theoretical, but it was very dynamic so it was great.