Hi everyone, I’m Matteo and I’m participating in WINS Project!
I’m a Physical Education teacher in Bologna, Italy, and the non-formal education was an important part of my lessons during the past year. Knowing new people in Amarante helped me trying new approaches of teaching, that I immediately used when I came back to Bologna. Children have the great potential to adapt themselves to the environment, so was easy to propose them new activities. 
I think teachers like me have to try different ways to reach the educational goal for children, and WINS helped me to have a new prospective and apply that to all my classes (I had 12 classes this year, children from 6 to 10). I can’t wait to participate at Badalona Camp for the last part of WINS project and learn more about non-formal education in sport! See you there!
Hello, I’m Michele. I am one of the participants in the WINS project from Italian team. I am living and working in Cremona near Milan. I am working with disable people and teenagers.I’m involved in some activities with teenagers like inclusive rugby, fencing and boxing (these all sports are with people with or without disabilities). I also work with another co-operative with autism in my municipality to coordinate a program for teenagers on their weekends. I was also coordinator of Summer Camp for some teenagers with autism last year (I worked for that project 8 years). I have been 6 years coordinator for an inclusive playroom “Lo Stregatto”. I collaborated with others realities and people to create it. We were organizing games to give everyone the opportunity to play in the playroom (with or without autism). There was a group of children with autism (from 6 to 11 years old) who were accompanied by their psychologists to observe their first experiences of socializing with other children in a regular competition, not in an outpatient setting (where they were trying to learn social skills and not only). I used to be the coordinator of “Regular” Summer Camps with children and I have also worked with children and teenagers in extracurricular classes. I was also responsible in a project with teenagers for the creation of an editorial board based on theirs interests for the work in the communications (interviews or meetings
with experts in this sector).