The children of GUMAL, or SARE OMAR-LY, the official name of the village form the majority of the local community. With a population of less than 1,000 people, each family can have an average of 4 children, so in Gumal it is inevitable to constantly see children, teenagers and some young people of the few who have not yet emigrated.

Gumal is located in SENEGAL, on its eastern side, near the border with Guinea Cronaky, between Tambacounda and Kédougou, near the Gambia River, one of the last villages before entering the jungle by the NIOKOLO-KOBA National Park. The town administratively depends on the municipality of MISIRA, city located about 40km.

GUMAL has no health clinic, public building or community facilities. The first school in the history of the village, of wood, began its operation in January of the 2,017 at the request of its neighbors and by collaboration of the Rotllana.

The current structure of the school is provisional, as it has to withstand the torrential storms of the rainy season, and the sun and 45 ° heat of the dry season. In these conditions, together with the precariousness of material, children make an effort to study. Despite this GUMAL CHILDREN have known that it is a school and are very happy to be able to attend. Learning to write their name, that of their little brothers, learning to add, and knowing things of the world beyond the traditional ones in the village is a new open window that fills them with illusion and motivation in their lives. Girls and boys begin to imagine and think that if they become doctors they may be able to save their siblings, if they are teachers they can teach their mothers to count and not fool them with the change in purchases, or they will be able to help to their parents to have more and better crops to feed all the year and not to starve.Perhaps the school will allow the family to remain united in the land where their grandparents and ancestors are buried and not have to ask any cousins ​​or older brothers crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a boat.

We need approximately 17,000 euros to build the school in Gumal, two classrooms, two toilets and an office-store for the teacher. Euro to euro we try to get it, to collaborate with us you can do it in two ways:

– writing to and requesting more information.
– making a contribution to the account number of the Rotllana, indicating Gumal ES64 2038 9251 10 6000017653 Bankia. Send us an email confirming your collaboration.

Day by day we update information on the evolution of funding.