Radio- Club Korfbal Badalona

In this video, you can see how the radio program produced by the korfbal
badalona club is made. This project, which began in early 2020, was one
of the ways to maintain contact between the members of the club during
the long quarantine from March to May last year. But the end of the
lockdown did not mean the end of this beautiful project, which continues
thanks to the voluntary work of the youth of the entity.

One of the best features of this project is the fact that it allows the
participation of all club members who want to collaborate, which is an
important element of inclusion through participation. In addition, it
has been the way to keep together a group motivated by team sport at a
time when it was not possible to practice team sports.

They publish a podcast every 14 days or so, in which they talk about
different aspects of the club such as competitions, international
projects, economic campaigns, conduct interviews with former and current
members, propose games, and much more.

You can find the different podcasts on the YouTube channel “LaRotllana”,
or in the Ivox app. The name of the program is “El cuadro fantástico”.