Sport and social inclusion, a training course in Tunisia

sport i inclusió social

The ATUPRET (Tunisian Association for the Prevention of Drug Addiction) of Stax organizes a training course in Hammamet with the contribution ofe the European Union «EUROMED»Found.

Closing of «Sport for Life», training course on non-formal education through sport.

The sport plays a key role in promoting social integration and personal development. This is the reason which explains why our association, which is committed in fighting drug addiction since 1995, thank to the funding of the European Union via the EUROMED program, organized a training course about methods and techniques of non-formal education through sport from the 16th to the 23rd of November in Hammamet. 24 educators and youth workers, representing French, Jordanian, Latvian, Moroccan, Tunisian and Spanish NGOs learned how to use sport as an educational tool in fighting intolerance, violence, stigma and discrimination vis-à-vis the most vulnerable people.

The training course developed three types of activities: various sports (rugby, volleyball, hiking, climbing), theoretical workshops on techniques and practices of non-formal education through sport and intercultural activities (intercultural night, visit of Tunis).
The main goals of our activities were fighting against stereotypes and prejudices and promoting social inclusion, equality of opportunity, diversity and gender equality.
Moreover, sport is an educational tool that allows us to use innovative methods and practices in daily activities to create a more dynamic, active and professional environment in associations.

The participation of representatives of the civil society of different countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area strengthens young people’s interest for international solidarity in order to promote the establishment of a pluralistic and multicultural society where the difference is a source of enrichment.

Finally, during this training, the associations had the opportunity to build relationships, share experiences and good practices, develop ideas and cooperative projects for the future.

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